Intro to Typing (T2-19)


August 27


03:30 pm - 05:00 pm

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Loveland Public Library


Loveland Public Library

300 North Adams Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537

Loveland, CO, US, 80537

Intro to Typing

Typing, the process of inputting text by pressing keys on a computer keyboard or typewriter, is a vital skill to have in today’s computer-dominated world. Even if you primarily use a mobile device (phone or tablet), this class will get you more comfortable with the QWERTY keyboard layout that is universal to all devices!

In this Intro to Typing class, you will learn the fundamentals of typing and is ideal for anyone who is looking to improve their typing speeds or those who have not learned the proper way to type in the first place.

Topics include:

  • Understanding why the keyboard looks like it does

  • Using the home row

  • Using correct posture and hand positions

  • Typing basic sentences quickly and efficiently

  • and more!

If you cannot make the class, you must cancel your regisistration prior to class by calling 970-962-2599 or canceling via Eventbrite.