Using the Library

The teenseen is a space exclusively for teens ages 11-17, grades 6-12. What can teens do at Loveland Public Library?

Any teen, regardless of having a library card or not, can come hangout in the teenseen. We have plenty of hangout spots to relax, unwind, and visit with friends. Food and drinks are allowed- just not near computers. So, bring some friends, grab some snacks, and spend some time in the only place in the library where "adults must be accompanied by a teen."

Attend a Program!
We offer free programs several times per week for teens. They vary from crafts, technology, games, writing to just plain odd. Click here to view upcoming events.

Use the Computers!
We have eight computers designated for teen use only. Each teen is allowed two hours of computer use per day. You need either a library card or internet only card to access computers. See below for information on how to get one of these cards.
Play on our Gaming Systems!
Teens are allowed one hour of gaming per day. We have a Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 2 and plenty of games for teens to choose from. You can also bring in your own games from home and play on our systems and flat screen! Make sure the games are rated E or T. No library card required!
Watch a Movie!
We have a private movie viewing station in the teenseen. Grab a movie from our collection or bring one in from home. Make sure the movie is rated G or PG-13. No library card required!
Use an iPad!
We have three iPads available to teens. Teens are allowed on hour of iPad use each day. No library card required!
Grab a Snack!
We understand that teens can be insatiably hungry! With the generosity of the Larimer County Food Bank, we are able to offer teens a snack each day.
Chill with a Teen Librarian!
We, teen librarians, work in the teenseen because we truly love working with teens. We may be a bit older and slightly less cool than you, but we understand the ups and downs of adolescence and embrace it all with you. We are here for you as a librarian ("Summer, what's a good horror novel?"), a resource ("Hey Amber, how can I find a job?"), or a listening ear ("Becca, I had the worst day ever!). Spend some time with us and we guarantee we will change your opinions about librarians! Disclaimer: we do say "Shhhh" from time to time.
Get a Library Card!
A library card is required for checking out any items. Parents or guardians must bring in a valid ID and proof of address to the Circulation Desk and teens will be issued their own library card. With this card, you are entitled to:
  • Books (50 maximum, 3 week checkout)
  • CDs (10 maximum, 3 week checkout)
  • DVDs (10 maximum, 10 day checkout)
  • Video Games (3 maximum, 10 day checkout)
  • Preloaded Nook (1 maximum, 3 week checkout)
  • eBooks and Downloadables (each program, checkout time varies. Click here to access our downloadables.)
  • Get an Internet Only Card!
    If your parents or guardians are not able to come in to get you a library card, you and all teens are entitled to an Internet Only card. This card allows teens to access our computers for 2 hours per day but they are not able to checkout any items on this card. To get an Internet Only card, ask one of the teen librarians at the teenseen desk and they will make you a card. You do not need to bring in any documents for this card! Are you from out of town? We provide Internet Guest passes for all visiting teens.
    Follow Our Code of Conduct!
    We aren't the typical library space so what we allow in the teenseen is a bit different than other library areas. However, we do ask that you follow our Code of Conduct so we can make it a safe and chill place for all teens:

    Acceptable Behavior:
    Teenseen patrons behave in a manner that will not disturb other people in the library or inhibit other people’s use of the library collections, space, and services. TeenSeen patrons are to be respectful to each other, library staff, and other patrons in word and action.

    Rules of Conduct that will be addressed by either a warning, being asked to leave for the day or a formal suspension:
    o No screaming or shouting
    o No sleeping
    o No public displays of affection
    o No food or drinks near the computers
    o No riding skateboards in the library
    o No destruction of library property
    o No weapons
    o No bullying
    o No fighting, hitting, or biting people
    o No vulgar, foul, or inappropriate language
    o No listening to loud music
    o No throwing items
    o No trash left in the teenseen