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Library programs provide opportunities, resources, and space to inform, inspire, and engage community members. If you are interested in presenting a program, please review all of the information below.

Programming Guidelines

Loveland Public Library is committed to offering a range of programs that will empower community members to meet their life goals.

This includes:

  • Teen and children’s programming with a focus on developmental milestones to provide a strong foundation for future success
  • Increased programming to meet needs for workforce training and technology skills
  • Programming that promotes a culture of learning and literacy to foster intellectual growth and personal development
  • Programming in art, music, culture, entertainment, health, leisure, business, and technology

Programs must support the Loveland Public Library’s strategic goals to inform, inspire, and engage and be planned no later than three months before the program date.

Please note: due to the high volume of applications we are unable to respond to each submission. If we choose to take the next step, we will be in touch.

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