Meeting Rooms

The Loveland Public Library offers space for people to meet, interact, discuss, and work together! Our spaces include: 2 large meeting rooms, 6 study rooms, and 1 computer classroom.

How to Reserve...

  • Large Meeting Room, up to 70 people:
    Gertude Scott Meeting Room (1st floor) or the Erion Foundation Community Room (2nd floor).
    Call the City at 970-962-2115.
    Reservation may require a fee and deposit.
  • Study Room, up to 6 people:
    Call the library at 970-962-2665, or the specific library area for the room (below).
    Schedule 2 hours, up to 4 weeks in advance.
  • iLearn Computer Classroom, up to 15 students:
    Call Library Technology and Innovation at 970-962-2720.
    Reservation may require a fee.

Study Rooms

  • Children's Area, 970-962-2587
    Mt. Meeker, west side next to the iMake room; holds 4; for ages 10 and younger, adults only w/ child
  • TeenSeen, 970-962-2548
    Chapin Peak, outside teenseen; holds 4; open to all
    Chiquita, inside teenseen; holds 6; for ages 11-18, adult only w/ teen
  • Adult Area, 970-962-2402
    Mt. Dunraven, east side of building by Business Center; holds 6; open to all
    Hagues Peak, east side of building by Business Center; holds 4; open to all
  • Upstairs, 970-962-2599
    Longs Peak, up the main staircase then left; holds 6; open to all