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Wildlife Window Nature Series with Kevin Cook

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

Twelve Dozen Things About Colorado

Stories about Colorado could fill an encyclopedia; details behind those stories could fill an entire library. Important dates, famous people, and iconic landmarks are generally well known; but Colorado both as a place and as a home amounts to much more than just these things. Our mountains far exceed the names and elevations of just the “Fourteeners.” Being the “Mother of Rivers” must mean something. And why do some maps show two sets of boundary lines? Each month this year, “Twelve Dozen Things About Colorado” will present 12 things — things you probably don’t know — that tell the stories of Colorado.

Jan 2 & 15 - Becoming a Place
Feb 5 & 6 - Purple Mountain Majesty
Mar 5 & 6 - Mother of Rivers
Apr 2 & 3 - Lifescapes: Where to Live
May 1 & 7 - How Wildlife Made Colorado
June 4 & 5 - National Forests
July 2 & 3 - National Parks
Aug 6 & 7 - State Parks and Wildlife Areas
Sept 3 & 4 - Wildlife Diversity: What Lives Here
Oct 1 & 2 - Iconic Natural Landmarks
Nov 5 & 6 - State Symbols
Dec 3 & 4 - 200 Years in an Hour

Registration is not required, but come early for seating.

Gertrude Scott Room
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