A Wandering Botanist Visits at Noon

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

February 13 - The Amazon Rainforest
Carrying more water than any other river, the Amazon descends from the Andean highlands across South America to the Atlantic. In the lowlands it supports the richest tropical forest in the Western Hemisphere full of surprising plants, animals and people.

March 13 - Frisia on the Coast of Holland
In Roman times, Frisians lived in what is now northwestern Germany and the Netherlands. Transformed by land reclamation, this is the land of windmills and colorful tulip fields.

April 10 - The Grasslands of Colorado
The dry plains along the Rocky Mountain Front Range host a very old ecosystem that is in decline due to agriculture and development. Short and sparse, we easily ignore it, but its plants and animals are the tough natives that live here.

May 8 - Costa Rica
A small stable country in Central America, Costa Rica has made ecotourism a priority. About the size of West Virginia, it is an easy place to see diverse tropical plant communities and their animals.

Registration is not required.

Loveland Public Library, Gertrude Scott Room
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