A Wandering Botanist

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

September: A Wandering Botanist in China The People’s Republic of China is the size of the United States and very diverse. This talk highlights the diversity, features tourist destinations in southern China with emphasis on plants and natural history. 

October: A Wandering Botanist in Iceland Iceland is a small island nation in the north of Europe. Surprisingly mild temperatures, a fascinating Viking history and stunning landscapes make it a terrific place to visit. This talk features history, botany, and Iceland’s natural beauty.

November: A Wandering Botanist in Japan Japan is a wonderful mix of the modern—bullet trains zipping across the countryside—and the traditional—take your shoes off entering homes and temples. It is also gloriously beautiful. This talk considers Japanese culture with particular emphasis on gardens and the countryside.

December: A Wandering Botanist in the Hawaiian Islands Our fiftieth state, famous as a vacation destination, is also the most remote landmass in the world, with dramatic volcanos, a history of colonization by plants, animals and people that has produced distinct culture and more endangered species than any other spot in the United States. This talk features an overview of the islands, their history and natural diversity.

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Gertrude Scott Room
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