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Art in the Galleria Brochure

Each quarter, a new brochure is produced to supplement our showcase and found at customer service or in front of each display.
October - December 2018 brochure.
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April - June 2018


Exploring the backcountry of Colorado and the canyons of Arizona and Utah has inspired me to capture its beauty in photographs and create ceramic-based sculpture, which reflects the dynamic natural world. My extensive geology background has given me an opportunity to merge the world of ceramics and mineralogy to create sculptures and wall hangings where ceramics and glass are used to simulate natural crystal clusters and ancient paleo environments.

My work is an examination of landscape of all kinds. To capture Nature’s elusiveness, those brief but exquisite moments, is why I paint. Having attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and studied the figure, I bring this knowledge to nature, and anthropomorphize nature’s elements.

I have been drawing and painting for my own enjoyment for as long as I can remember. I get much of my inspiration from the long walks and hikes I take both near my home in Loveland, Colorado, and hiking in other parts of the world. I sometimes wonder if I am a painter who likes to hike, or a hiker who likes to paint.

I’ve taken Chinese Brush Painting to another level. These paintings not only use Americana in subject matter, but are painted in a more complex manner, with more complicated strokes and less simplicity… almost the opposite of Sumi-e. Carrying on in the Chinese tradition, each painting is finished with Chinese Calligraphy, and/or my artist signature chop. There is no erasing, or painting over as with oils or acrylics. In addition, working with rice paper requires a practiced consistency of medium and water, or the stroke will bleed into undesired areas.

As a ceramicist, I believe that clay is the ultimate medium where conception and function meet. The idea that a piece of art can speak to an individual while also serving a utilitarian purpose is what drives me as a creator.. Although many times my work verges more on the side of decorative rather than function, the concept of utility always lingers. By drawing inspiration from experiences, my choices of form and color portray the beauty of the world as well as philosophical concepts.

I am a self-taught sculptor, new to the art scene. I cast my first piece in the summer of 2016. I am inspired by nature and I love creating sculptures of all creatures great and small. Many of my works are sparked by significant events in my life. I'm in love with the process and often wake up thinking about a new idea.